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Bushfire Attack Level Assessments

Thorough Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments can really pay dividends.

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments are used to establish construction requirements for buildings in bushfire prone areas, in compliance with the Building Code of Australia.  There are two alternate Methods for calculating BAL values for construction, explained in Australian Standard AS3959-2009 .  The second (site specific) method is more complex, but can often demonstrate the viability of lower BAL values for construction, and in so doing can save thousands of dollars in construction costs and potential design imposts. Qualified and Certified Bushfire Planning and Design Practitioners are able to perform this work. We regularly provide this service to town planners, certifiers, builders and property owners. It is well worth a little more time and effort  to use Certified BPAD Practitioner to come up with site specific guidance for what is one of our most valuable assets, our home.
There are usually design, layout and other options available to improve the outlook for lot owners or buyers in designated bushfire prone areas.

In fact we encourage prospective lot buyers who are looking at land in bushfire prone areas  to ask for a Pre Purchase Property Bushfire Assessment before entering into discussions over the purchase price of land. This helps them to understand the constraints they can expect to face in building on the land. In turn this can be included in the land/property price negotiation, so that the buyer does not single handedly bear the cost implications after the purchase has been made.

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