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Pre Purchase Bushfire Assessments

Pre purchase property assessments keep you in control

We believe that Land Sales Agents have a Duty of Care to disclose constraints that they are aware of when selling land in bushfire prone areas. In the same way as flooding and potential landslip can impact a future lot buyer, professional land sales services should be aware if the land they are selling is in an area designated by Local Government as “bushfire prone” (either “medium” or “high” bushfire hazard on Councils Bushfire Hazard Overlay maps).
The best way to assist prospective land buyers to understand the implications of being in a bushfire prone area is to have a Pre Purchase Property Bushfire Assessment  undertaken. (Sometimes a Bushfire Management Plan provided with the original subdivision development application will provide these answers, but often we find that this is not the case).  Bushfire Attack Levels for construction are often not shown and prospective buyers can be in for surprise or disappointment when their certifier or builder mentions the need to comply with legislation governing construction in these areas.
A Pre Purchase Property Bushfire Assessment helps to make buyers and sellers aware of the implications, constraints and costs of developing in bushland environments. The final purchase price should include such considerations, and our view is that the selling process should never cover up or ignore aspects which involve safety to life and property.
Prospective lot buyers can readily have a Pre Purchase Property Bushfire Assessment undertaken at a small cost in relation to the likely benefit. Alternatively Land Sales Agents can have these undertaken so that the information is readily available on hand. In most cases the news is likely to be good, and there are usually design, layout and other options available to improve the outlook for buyers. Having a number of lots assessed simultaneously obviously has cost efficiency benefits, allowing savings to be passed on to all parties concerned.
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