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Community Consultation

There are several reasons and times to consult with a community regarding bushfire planning; when developing strategy, developing an understanding of inter property variation in bushfire risk, when obtaining understanding of the need for fire infrastructure or hazard reduction activity, when preparing for community wildfire practice drills and many other reasons.

The need for fire and its role in our bushland is a topic on which the community differs widely in opinion. Bushfire Risk Reducers has had several years of experience in dealing with the issues which arise, and works to achieve compromise and progress wherever possible.

As an impartial agent acting in the general interest of all parties, respecting the individual and looking for the win:win, we can often assist with conflict resolution between groups or neighbours. 

Where conflict or disputes is at a point where legal action is unfortunately involved, we can provide expert witness services which objectively address issues for parties before the Court, where our values are not compromised.