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Pre Purchase Assessments

The best time to understand the bushfire management implications of purchasing land is before the negotiation over price is even considered.

The emotional drive to aquire the position and view should be balanced with the the constraints, costs and risks, which tend to be lost in the sales process.

The consequence can often be that the buyer wears the full cost of all implications instead of sharing these costs with the seller through a final price that reflects the "unseen" factors. Real Estate Agents demonstrating a Duty of Care, aware of the fact that they are selling land in a designated bushfire prone area, are obliged to disclose known information about the site. That probably does not include the design and cost implications of the specific Bushfire Attack Level on the desired building sites. These costs can run into tens of thousands, especially for larger homes.

Often sellers are not aware of the additional cost imposts for buyers, and when they understand the facts, are prepared to accept a little less for a fair sale.

Let us help you understand the implications for developing the land that you are considering buying. This small investment is likely to pay major dividends!