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Property Protection Systems and Products

Building construction and landscaping can be supported by an increasing range of systems and products that improve protection of the property against wildfire. Sometimes it is the innovative and efficient deployment of known devices such as trolley pumps shown. Sometimes they are entirely new products and technologies.

Property owners may not be aware of the range of these products, or where they could make a strategically important contribution to asset protection or provision of survivable space for the protection of life during the passage of a fire front.

Bushfire Risk Reducers is a distributor of a range of innovative products which have a valuable role in protecting assets from the threat of bushfire. The inclusion and use of these products and systems is based on objective assessment of the assets (houses, critical installations, fuel storages, vehicles …) in relation to the hazard; and the belief that “one size doesn't fit all”. Solutions are tailored to the needs, constraints and limitations of residents and asset owners. Training in use and deployment is also provided.